Regional Library Petko R. Slaveykov - Veliko Tarnovo

Electronic archive of documentary heritage for the Balkan wars

2012-2013-completed first stage of the project

As a result of the realization of the project activities, end products were created: electronic archive: http: //, including 788 descriptions of documents and artifacts from partner organizations, published 3 books: Radev, Ivan. Bulgarian writer and wars: 1912-1918: Т.1 Archiv.Interpretations.V.Tarnovo: Reg. PR Slaveikov, 2013. - 256 p .: by., Port;

Anthology "Bulgarian Literature and Wars: 1912-1918" / Constitution. Ivan Radev-V.Tarnovo: Nar. PR Slaveykov, 2013.-304 p .;

Wars 1912-1918. Present Day and Interpretation "/ Constitution: Ivan Radev-V.Tarnovo: P.Slaveikov, 2014.-271 with: with DVD;

Organized National Scientific Conference with International Participation dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Balkan Wars (14-15 November 2013)

Produced documentary film "With us God: The Time of Edirne.

The expected positive effect of the project implementation is to increase the interest among specialists, learners and the general public in the history and problems of the Balkan wars and their impact on international relations;

 Creating a favorable environment for young scientists through conditions and opportunities for research work;

Improving information services for research, education and social governance.


Digital library of valuable information resources with a local character for the regions of Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo


Free access is available, unlimited in time and place, to an extremely valuable resource for scientists and coworkers, which has so far been practically unknown, or its use has been severely hampered by its availability only in individual libraries and territorially dispersed


Lady Cafe (motivating activities for women aged 45+)


Created webpage and facebook of the project:;

The website was created by the system administrators of RNB "P. R. Slaveykov "- V. Tarnovo. All partners can enter their materials on the web after they are granted access.

 Site records, evaluation forms, certificates, photos, descriptions, presentations on the institutions' activities to achieve the objectives, dissemination of project results and evaluation tools can be viewed on the site.

Four training modules of women participants were carried out in the ICT project for social networking. Literary meetings and meetings for making works on applied art, making origami, and using the decoupage method were organized. Lectures conducted to promote the programs "Slow food" and "Wellness".

The Lady Cafe 45+ is due to be finalized in June 2014. Sepa con canals, Majorca Spain