Objectives and tasks of the Foundation:

• integration of the library-information systems of the scientific institutions, the higher schools, libraries, etc.;

• international cooperation in the field of library information and communication systems.

• develops programs and participates in their implementation;

• organizes training, specialization and qualification improvement in the field of library systems;

• coordinate international, national and regional projects for the development of library and information co-operation.


Inclusion in the NALIS Catalog - the widest possible dissemination of the results of the project at national and international level (international significance of NALIS)

Provide back-up technology (long-term) of master files (

Advisory support for metadata, formats and best practices


Project No 1 (project name): EuropeanaPhotography

02.2012 - 01.2015

The first stage of the largest international European digital digitization project between 1839 and 1939 - EuropeanaPhotography is completed. Bulgaria is the first country in Europe to achieve its goal - to provide 15 000 photos from various private and public collections through the participation of the NABIS Foundation.