Directorate "Culture and Tourism" - Veliko Tarnovo

The Directorate is a specialized structure of the municipal administration, which takes care of the Local Scientific and Documentary Archives Collection for the Real Estate Cultural Heritage (MCDAS) for the NKN, located on the territory of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. This is a historically formed archival documentation that is related thematic with the specialized activities of the Architectural Reserve Directorate, the Old Town Hall and the Culture and Kin Directorate (now "Culture and Tourism"). One of the tasks of the employees is to seek, accept, process, fill in and provide archival documents for use, as well as to digitize available information about them. It is methodologically assisted by the Archives Regional Directorate - Veliko Tarnovo to the Archives and NINKN Sofia.

MIDAS for immovable cultural assets located in the municipality contains: dossiers - technical documentation, maps, plans, etc. on a paper basis; normative documents and lists; scientific studies and studies; acts and contracts for conservation and restoration works; lists and documentation for military and monumental monuments; photo documentation

This valuable scientific-documentary information is in poor technical condition due to aging and for now remains inaccessible to society. With the implementation of the project we hope to overcome these negative trends.


With the participation of the Culture and Tourism Directorate, the activities of the project will complement the vision of the universality of the digitization process of the cultural heritage. The preservation of the literary cultural heritage in the libraries and the movable cultural values in the museums includes also the immovable cultural heritage whose original documents as part of the whole cultural heritage in Bulgaria are seriously threatened due to poor conservation conditions, lack of prevention, conservation and restoration budget for these activities. Modern 3D documenting of objects-cultural values will be carried out.

Documents from the archive fund provided in the original or copies on the spot and by correspondence through copies and references for the contents of the documents will be supplemented with opportunities for use and other forms of promotion by publishing them on traditional and digital media, exhibitions, film making, radio and television broadcasts.

The Directorate will be involved in the following project activities:

-Searching the state and detailing the available specialized collections of the participants in the project; - Construction of arrays with metadata; -Digitalization archive fund "Real Cultural Heritage" of the "CT" Directorate. Digitization of available information for old photographs, plans, text materials and equipment of the activity; -Design and creation of digital archives and repositories; -Currently photographing the NCC site; Participation in the preparation of an interactive cultural map with data on the digitized objects and their places;

The partner will contribute to the success of the project activities through its specialized experience and knowledge through scientific quantitative and qualitative capacity in the preservation of the immovable cultural heritage proven in participation in many projects of a similar nature.

The partner will contribute to the achievement of the project objectives by fulfilling the tasks for which it is committed to achieving the objectives of preserving and promoting cultural heritage, a priority in the European Union's cultural policy.


Project 1 (project name): "White, purple, blue, green - the traces of eternity. Strengthening the image of the region as a unique tourist destination on the national and international market ", № BG161PO001 / 3.2-02 / 2011/007

2012-2014, 24 months 13.08.12 - 13.08.2014

The project "White, purple, blue, green - the traces of eternity. Establishing the image of the region as a unique tourist destination on the national and international market "supports and promotes the cultural heritage and also increases the interest in tourist attractions in the municipalities of Veliko Turnovo, Dryanovo and Gorna Oryahovitsa. This effectively contributes to the diversification of an integrated regional tourist product, reducing territorial concentration and a more even distribution of the benefits of tourism. Increasing the number of visitors and the length of their stay, improving seasonal and territorial distribution of tourism in different regions and territories, based on integrated management and marketing of destinations and using different means, techniques and systems to provide effective tourist information and marketing " .

By developing and product positioning of tourist packages, branding, advertising campaign in the country and abroad, elaboration and dissemination of information, marketing and promotional materials-guides, brochures and maps, participation in events in the field of tourism (international, national and international). regional tourist fairs), public information and information services distributed