Chitalishte "Saglasie - 1869" - Pleven

The Chitalishte disseminates and develops the spiritual values of the civil society, supports the development of creative abilities, meets the cultural and scientific interests of its members and all citizens, preserves and develops the Bulgarian traditions in the field of library and library work, preserves, develops and promotes Bulgarian cultural traditions , creates conditions for communication and petition in the spirit of patriotism.


a / The library of the Chitalishte has a collection of old printed books, Revival and Queen periodicals. The Fund of Old Print Books and Periodicals includes 1152 library units (808 titles). Worship and school books and original fiction are the predominant part of the collection. The book "Basic Geometries" by FBusse, published in 1856 in St. Petersburg, is unique in the country. The unique, by type and content, editions are in Bulgarian, Armenian, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, French, etc. in the 13th, 14th, 15th, 17th, 19th and early 20th centuries. languages. Inclusion in the project of the Chitalishte as a partner provides access to the cultural heritage and is in line with its mission. The project will compensate for the lack of a secure budget for its preservation and conservation.

b) As a partner, the Chitalishte Library will support the study and detailing of the available specialized collection for the needs of the project, will participate in the creation of the Digital Objects Database, will participate in the promotion of the project results.

c / The partnership of the Chitalishte by including the collection will contribute to the diversity of digital objects. Every book in the collection contains an unexpected amount of information, and in its entirety, it is largely the history of Pleven and the region, a significant part of the nation's memory that will be preserved for generations.

d) As a key cultural unit from the Central Northern Region of Bulgaria, "Saglasie 1869" Chitalishte will participate in the digitization and popularization of the cultural heritage. Through the realization of specific activities under the project will implement an active policy for preservation of the Bulgarian cultural heritage.