Chitalishte "Zora-1860" - Sliven

The Chitalishte satisfies the citizens' needs related to the development and enrichment of the cultural and social life of the population; observance of the customs and traditions of the Bulgarian people; deploying the creative talents of citizens and integrating the values and achievements of science, art and culture; educates and affirms national self-awareness; provides access to information for all citizens. Supports a library that provides computer and internet services, creates electronic information networks, collects and distributes knowledge of the native language.


The "Zora 1860" Chitalishte, established in 1860, is a traditional Bulgarian cultural and educational association, which also performs state tasks in the field of culture. It works, according to its constitution, on the principles of voluntarism, democratization and autonomy. All individuals may participate in their activities without regard to age, gender, political and religious views, and ethnic consciousness. The objectives of the Chitalishte are to satisfy citizens' needs related to the development and enrichment of cultural life, social and educational activities in the settlement where they carry out their activities; preserving the customs and traditions of the Bulgarian people; broadening citizens' knowledge and integrating them into the values and achievements of science, art and culture; educating and affirming national self-awareness; providing access to information. In order to achieve their goals, the Chitalishte performs basic activities such as: arranging and maintaining libraries, reading rooms, as well as creating and maintaining electronic information networks; development and support of amateur artistic creativity; organization of schools, circuses, courses, clubs, screenings, celebrations, concerts, celebrations and youth activities; collecting and disseminating knowledge about the native language; creation and preservation of museum collections according to the Cultural Heritage Act; provision of computer and internet services.

Historically, the Zora Library - the most important and long-lasting activity of the "Zora" Chitalishte is the oldest in the region - it was created in 1855 / later on the basis of the library was established a community center / and for a century, until 1955, is the only library in the region. In the library of the Chitalishte library are preserved extremely valuable and rare editions: Bulgarian Renaissance literature, Church Slavic books, Greek books (from the 16th to the 19th century), Ottoman books, the entire periodic periodical, posters, posters, photographs, unpublished documents with queenshear character. Especially important for the region is the Krajesniy collection, which for the publications until 1955 is unique and the editions are only in "Zora". This is the most used part of the collection by the citizens of Sliven and region. Unfortunately, due to the intensive use, some of the materials are already in poor physical condition. The most alarming is the condition of the newspapers issued until 1944. The only solution is digitalisation to be accessible to users and to preserve the originals. Partner activities: 1. Drawing up a digitization plan for collection objects Rare and valuable editions of the Zora Library. 2. Carrying out research activities to identify and select objects accurately. 3. Creating a meta data field for the objects to be digitized. 4. Introduction of absolutely all bibliographic data / for editions that are not reflected in the electronic catalog of the library / and attach digital copies of full-text data. 5. Conduct trainings for young people from the local Roma community who will give them the skills to find information in online catalogs of libraries and use of the digitized editions of the project. 6. Promoting the project activities in the region and informing the local community of the new opportunities that have access to the cultural heritage of the region. Maintaining and providing access to all these editions is important for the local community, which is made up of different ethnic groups - Bulgarians, Turks, Karakachans, Roma. Presenting the culture and cultural heritage of one of the regions - Sliven will contribute to the promotion of the cultural heritage of the ethnic communities in the region, will facilitate the access to electronic cultural content of local importance and will enable preservation of the originals. For several years, the Zora Library has been implementing its development strategy in stages, where it is basically the view that the modern library is not just a repository of documents but also an information center that offers remote access to services and electronic content. Until now, the content as bibliographic descriptions of a portion of the library documents is presented in the online catalog of the library.


Project 1 (project name): Global Libraries - Bulgaria Program


The program facilitated access to information, knowledge, communications, e-content and community services through the public libraries network and increased the use of libraries across the country within five years and helped Bulgarian citizens join the global information society. After the successful completion of the program, its activity was continued by the Global Libraries - Bulgaria Foundation. Library Zora received computer equipment, network equipment, photocopiers, desks, chairs. Through joint efforts of local communities and key partners, the program encouraged the modernization of public libraries in Bulgaria and helped build their new look at libraries providing an innovative package of services to visitors: computers and Internet access, online information, local content , training in computer and information literacy, realization of community projects, working space and conducting community events, solutions for the needs of specific target groups (Children, unemployed, entrepreneurs, etc.), while also welcoming environment and oriented librarians.


Project 2 (project name): Improving citizens' awareness by building a website and creating and promoting e-services


Creating an information structure - a website and an online catalog with the modern functionality and capabilities that are necessary for the further development of the library policy, guaranteeing access to electronic databases, both local and foreign, access to public information and information of local importance , as well as consultation and assistance from librarians. A dynamic site is created that provides our users with electronic services. A particularly important section is Virtual Reference Service, which responds to inquiries from citizens on various topics, including current legislation, daily updated job vacancies in the region. Improved citizens' awareness and access to electronic content of a social and cultural nature is facilitated.