Biblioteca Judeteana George Baritiu - Brasov

"George Baritiu" County Library, Brasov is a cultural institution with legal personality, acting according to the Brasov County Council, pursuant to the provisions of the Law on Libraries No 334/2002 and the Regulation on Organization and Functioning approved by the Brasov County Council. The "George Baritiu" County Library, Brasov has the following powers: organizes, develops and provides users with encyclopedic collections of documents, provides bibliographic information and documentation, organizes activities aimed at capitalizing collections of documents and cultural traditions; cultural and continuing training activities; has a methodological coordination role for public libraries in Brasov County; conducts cultural programs and projects for community members. In addition to these activities, we also participate in local, national and international cultural events to raise public interest in cultural activities, knowledge of local history, promotion of literacy and education.


a) Ensure access to specialists to finance Romanian historical documents and efficiency in the digitization of identified documents

b) "George Baritiu" County Library, Brasov will be involved in research and documentation for opening of books / historical documents related to the history and culture of Bulgaria and digitization of historical documents.

c) "George Baritiu" County Library, Brasov will contribute to the success of the project by involving specialists in the preparation of scientific documentation; using its own technical equipment; using databases and media partners to promote the project at national and international level.

d) In order to achieve the project goals of "George Baritiu" Regional Library, Brasov will contribute through the development of scientific documentation in libraries and historical archives; through digital books / historical documents and promotion of the project among the academic circles in Romania.


Project 1 (project name): LADY CAFE 45+

01.08.2012 - 31.07.2014

In the first phase of the project, participants will attend seminars, training sessions and lectures supported by qualified lecturers in various fields: e-learning, literature, psychology, slow nutrition, health and traditional medicine.

In the second phase, women over the age of 45 will participate in training sessions designed to help them discover their own abilities. In this way, these persons can become active trainers for other marginalized women who have left school without primary education.

The following project activities are carried out: a compulsory ICT technology course for all partners, a book club organized by three partners; Digitales, a collection of digital stories available on the web. An internet site has been developed. An e-book with best practices has also been produced.


Project No 2 (project name): Center for Excellence for Services for Children aged 0-14

The implementation of the project has led to several results:

- Study on "services and programs for children aged 0-14";

- Introduction of new services for children in "George Baritiu" County Library, Brasov;

- Guide to best practices;

- Organization of demonstration sessions for librarians from the country.

The project was attended by over 400 children and 50 librarians