Regional Library Lyuben Karavelov - Rousse

"Lyuben Karavelov" Regional Library was founded in 1888. It is a leading cultural institute, working for the promotion and development of cultural identities and spiritual values. The library is an attractive center in providing access to knowledge, information and services to all residents and communities in Rousse and the region.

Library Mission:

• create and maintain conditions for sustainable cultural development and spiritual consolidation of the community;

• provide quality information, educational and cultural services;

• provide equal opportunities for access to education and active participation in the public life of the residents of Rousse and the region;

• Promote and assist users in using eGovernment services;

• work to integrate all members of the community into the global information society.


a) The Rousse Public Library is one of the earliest established city libraries in Bulgaria. In 1888 members of the educational society "Danube" started her with the 150 volumes in the French, Russian and Bulgarian languages and the 7 volumes of "La Grande Encyclopedie". Later, the library's library was donated to private libraries of famous Ruseans, Ilia Квартирников-електроинженер, donated 1000 volumes in Bulgarian, Russian and German, and Dimitar Karaneshev donates 1000 volumes in Bulgarian, Russian and French and Ivan Tzanev donates 500 volumes of books and periodicals of Russian classical literature, scientifically popular literature of Polish Czech and Serbo-Croatian.

The old-school fund of the Lyuben Karavelov Regional Library, nearly 2000 copies. The majority of the collection is collected by donations such as 257 old printed books donated by Rousse bookkeeper Nikola Dakov. The first issue of the collection is the first edition of the "Ribberer" by Dr. Petar Beron, printed in 1824 in Brasov, a copy of Kiriakodromion or Nedelnik of Sofronii Vrachanski, published in 1806 in Rimnik, Romania, etc. . valuable titles are part of the old-fashioned collection of the library.

In the fund of rare and valuable publications, there is the "Four Gospels" published in 1690. Lviv, Russia. The library also has a unique collection of foreign-language books published until 1900. Interesting is the Encyclopedia of Boys and Girls BUCH fur Knaben und Madchen, published in Bucharest in 1856. The Foundation is enriched with the donation of personal libraries by Zahari Stoyanov and Academician Mihail Arnaudov. Since 2005, the Library has organized international exibition libraries and today it has the works of 350 artists from the neighboring Balkan countries to Argentina and China and Japan. Another unique collection that the library owns is the quaint handwritten collection, including autobiographies and biographies of artists and people who have connected the city with their lives. A book of autographs is also valuable for the library. The oldest autographs are written by Dobri Nemirov, placed on the "Brothers" in 1927, and by Ekaterina Karavelova in 1929 she put her autograph on a jubilee collection for her.

b) As a partner, the regional library "Luben Karavelov" will support the study and the details of the available specialized collection for the needs of the project, will participate in the creation of metadata of the digital objects, will participate in the promotion of the results of the project on a national and international scale.

c / By including the rich and unique collections of one of the largest public libraries in the country, the value and the diversity of digital objects will increase. Every book in the collection has an unsuspected amount of information, and in its entirety it is largely the history of Ruse and the region, a significant part of the nation's memory that will be preserved for generations.

d) As a regional methodological center for the public libraries in the Rousse region and an important cultural unit from the Central Northern Region of Bulgaria. Karavelov "will be involved in the digitization and popularization of the book cultural heritage.

 under the project will implement an active policy for preserving the Bulgarian cultural heritage.

under the project will implement an active policy for preserving the Bulgarian cultural heritage.


Project 1 (project name): ABC Art of the Book 1874/001 -001 CU7-COOP7

Culture Program (2007-2013) Area 1.2.1: Cooperation measures

10.2011 - 05.2013

The aim of the project is to stimulate reading habits among children between the ages of 7 and 14 who read little or no reading by introducing them to the art of the book, to the way books are made and marketed - writing, illustrating , translation, printing and distribution.

This was done through meetings and workshops with authors, illustrators, translators and people working with the book - booksellers, printers, librarians, and thus had established close relations with the creators of the book and were overcome barriers between children who do not read, and the creators of the books.

The project activities covered one school year, during which each of the participating countries organized five thematic workshops and other events related to the art of the book - workshops on creative writing, illustration, translation, organization of readings, small performances, etc. The main event of the project was the Book Festival in Sofia, including meetings and seminars with authors and illustrators from participating countries; exhibitions of illustrations by artists from different countries and by the festival participants; workshops and other activities with children; activities to promote the book with intermediaries between the child and the book (reviewers and librarians).

The innovative aspect of the project is that children have become acquainted with the book as a whole, from its creation to its popularization.

The duration of the project was 14 months and covered 15,000 children and promoted about 300 works of art by contemporary authors and illustrators. Mediators between the child and the book from the participating countries contributed with their knowledge, recommending a friend's book or explaining the library's ways of using it.

As a result of the project, there is a deep and expanded cooperation and interaction between institutions that already have experience in international collaborative activities and the mobility of literary and media artists for children and young people in Eastern and Central Europe.


Project No. 2 (project name): Glob @ l Libraries - Bulgaria Program - Bulgarian Libraries - a place for access to information and communication for everyone

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

2008 - 2013

The program aims to facilitate access to information, knowledge, communications, e-content and community services through the public libraries network, increasing the use of libraries across the country within five years and helping Bulgarian citizens to integrate to the global information society. After the successful completion of the program, its activity was continued by the Global Libraries - Bulgaria Foundation.

The Regional Library "Lyuben Karavelov" Rousse during the Program served as a regional center for target libraries in the Rousse region. Establishing a link between the Program Management Unit and the target libraries; Organized and assisted delivery and installation of target library technology - computers, projectors, multifunctional screens, screens; organizing and conducting all trainings in the Ruse region; organizes regional and local meetings for librarians from target libraries; elaborated all documentation on accountability for target libraries in the field; communicated with the trainers.

Target libraries in the Ruse region are 36 with a balanced geographic scope. The trainings are 48 / with the participation of librarians, chitalishte secretaries, chitalishte presidents, partners. 2 regional meetings and 3 local meetings were organized with topics concerning the work and development of the Bulgarian public libraries.

Currently, the Program is a Global Libraries Foundation. The Regional Library continues to work in the target libraries of the area by assisting them methodically.