Regional Historical Museum - Veliko Tarnovo

The Regional Museum of History - Veliko Tarnovo, on the basis of Decree of the Council of Ministers №153 / 28.07.2000, performs the function of a regional expert center for the museums and collections of cultural values from the territory of Veliko Tarnovo district. It performs the main activity of searching, studying, collecting, acquiring, storing, documenting and promoting of movable cultural values in the whole range of the cultural and historical heritage. It provides assistance to the National Center "Museums, Galleries and Fine Arts" in conducting the state policy on preservation of cultural values and museum work. It carries out coordination and expert-consultancy activities and provides methodological assistance for all museums and collections of cultural values from Veliko Tarnovo region.


The Library of the Regional Museum of History has an extremely valuable collection of rare historical documents, unique publications, photographs and portraits. Incorporating this wealth in the virtual library will allow for broad access to this information resource, which is almost hidden for much of the public.

In addition to metadata annotation of objects from its own collection, the library will expertly participate in the study of various collections that would be discovered during the project implementation.

Including the rich collection of the partner will enrich the future virtual library and will help raise awareness of its users.


Project No. 1 (project name): Providing an accessible architectural environment for people with disabilities in the building of RIM - Veliko Tarnovo

October - December 2013

Providing an accessible architectural environment for people with disabilities in the building of the Regional Museum of History - Veliko Tarnovo, by supplying and installing a platform lift for people with disabilities.


Project 2 (project name): Conservation and protection of monuments in the city of Victory Nicopolis ad Istrum

September 2010 - June 2011

The main goal of the project is to conserve and clean up some of the most endangered epigraphic monuments in Nicopolis ad Istrum. The ancient city is the most preserved and best studied monument of the Roman era on the Bulgarian lands. The inscriptions discovered over 100 years of excavation give extremely valuable information on urban planning and architecture, cults and religious beliefs of the inhabitants, funeral rituals. As a result of the realization of the project, the architectural details of the forum (the town square) were cleaned and preserved. On five of the emblematic inscriptions are made temporary covers for winter storage. Above the horse-mounted statue of Emperor Hadrian and over the well-preserved canal in the central part are built durable roof coverings. Techniques and herbicides have been purchased and facilities have been provided to maintain the tourist route and clean it from harmful vegetation.

A second important goal successfully realized with the realization of the project is the socialization of the Roman monument. Bilingual information and signboards are presented, presenting the history of the studies and the most important architectural monuments, which facilitates the individual tourist. A tourist guide is printed in Bulgarian and English. Souvenirs - magnets, badges and keychains, as well as fliers and a souvenir ticket, on which are depicted interesting monuments and coins from the city. Their purpose, apart from the tourists visiting the site, is also for the tourist fairs in Bulgaria and abroad to promote the ancient cultural heritage on the Bulgarian lands.