Chitalishte "Elenka i Kiril D. Avramovi - 1856" - Svishtov

The objectives and tasks of the First Bulgarian People's Community Center "Elenka and Kiril D. Avramovi" - Svishtov are: development and enrichment of the cultural and spiritual life, of the social and educational activity; Enhancing the knowledge of citizens and their inclusion in the values and achievements of science, art and culture; Preserving customs and traditions in the region; Raising citizens in a democratic spirit by strengthening national self-awareness; Providing access to information.

A) The first Bulgarian Chitalishte was founded on 30 January 1856 in Svishtov on the initiative of Emmanuel Vaskidovich, Georgi Vladikin, Hristaki Filchov and Dimitar Nachovich.

The founders of the Chitalishte have determined the mission and its main goals: To create an urban library;

To collect old manuscripts on parchment and paper; To support capable young people; To assist Bulgarian scholars to print their own works and translations.

In the Constitution of the Chitalishte, a great importance is attached to the library activity. Also in Art. 1 The Board of Trustees aims to: support the Bulgarian literature; to facilitate the poor pupils and to promote the education among the people at all. "and in Articles 24, 25 and 26 it is said that the Chitalishte will accept the famous national and European journals, will buy one copy of each newly published Bulgarian book and one a copy of the books that have been published so far. " Due to the policy of the Chitalishte Board of Trustees, the Chitalishte Library to search and preserve the entire Bulgarian printed production, it has for that time an enviable wealth. Since the establishment of the Chitalishte, one of the most important concerns of the Board of Trustees was the arrangement and enrichment of the library. The main library library of the Chitalishte was acquired by the donation of the personal library of 800 volumes to one of the founders of the community center - Emanuil Vaskidovich. Today, the donation is a separate fund that has so far been partly revealed to readers and scholars, thanks to the inventory of Tsvetan Radoslavov on the Greek books included in the donation. Another valuable donation not revealed to the wide readership audience is the donation of the winner Toma Panteleev, who donates to the Chitalishte library albums with valuable pictorial material for prominent personalities from the Bulgarian history.

The library at the First Bulgarian National Community Center is a leading cultural institute in the city, the district and nationally. It works to promote and develop the civil and information society. It offers and provides a high cultural and professional level of library and information services and maintains a wide range of editorial information with the rich archives of the local press.


Project No. 1 (project name): "Conservation and preservation of unique library documents from the library of the National Library of the Republic of Bulgaria" El. and KD Avramovi - 1856 Svishtov

2004 - 2006

Made metal and wooden cabinets for storing the unique, special cases for preservation of the manuscripts and some of the old - fashioned books, digitization of the most valuable ones.


Project 2 (project name): "Bulgarian Libraries - Modern Reading and Innovation Centers"


The library completes its library with the necessary library units.