15. Digitizing the collections of RNB "P. R. Slaveikov" - Veliko Tarnovo

Theme "Manuscript Collection - XIV-XIX Century."

Theme "Old printed publications - 1806-1878"

The theme "Rare and valuable editions"

Miniature Edition Collection

Collection "Artworks".

Collection "Books with original graphic design - includes books with ancient and original cover, books with hand painted paintings, books with a unique layout"

Collection "Bibliophile editions - books with autographs of classics, with exlibris, with dedications"

Rare Language Books Collection

Collection "Limited Edition Books"

Collection "Books with a particularly valuable content - Vasil Beron, Mosko Moskov, etc."

Collection "Books Unique as Edition - Especially Expensive, Custom Collectors Numbered"

The theme "Periodicals"

Collection "Revival periodicals"

Collection "Local history periodicals-1878-1944"

The theme "Old Photography, Marks and Badges"

Photo & Postcard Collection

Collection of "Postage Stamps and Badges" 

Digitized objects